ZNN is a company with over 45 years of experience in the production of drivelines elements and systems, transmissions, gears and toothed parts. As a toothed wheels manufacturer we offer a whole range of services, such as mechanical treatment of metal components, repairs of gearboxes and driving axles. Our technologically advanced equipment is used for cutting, forming and producing all kinds of elements, such as components and whole systems. Apart from the equipment we pride ourselves on having high quality stands which allow us to test all the elements and parts we produce.

The use of advanced technologies in our production facilities and qualified personnel allow us to undertake even the most complex projects. Thus, all kinds of toothed wheels manufactured within the framework of mechanical treatment of metal components are distinguished by an increased precision. The use of high-tech tools and our experience guarantee a professional repair of driving axes, steering and final systems used in crawler dozers, as well as gearboxes and power transmissions used in wheel loaders. A lot of different companies from various industrial sectors, such as construction, agricultural, railway, energy and many others, have used our services – we highly encourage you to join our circle of satisfied customers.

An extensive exploitation of machines of various types in the production halls leads to virtually unavoidable malfunctions. In that case, it is necessary to evaluate and assess any defects and irregularities. Subsequently, in order to eliminate the flaws and make use of the machinery again it is essential to repair or renovate the damaged element.

In order to produce all kinds of specialized products, for example gearboxes, powertrain shafts and different types of materials, it is essential to use appropriate tools and advanced manufacturing machines. The mechanical treatment allows us to precisely grind, mill or shape even the smallest details of toothed wheels.

The head treatment (or treating) is a controlled process, which is most frequently used to alter the physical properties and plasticity of specific elements in a solid state. The process involves gradual warming up and cooling down of materials and is very often used in the production of metal components.