Powertrain components

Powertrain components

  • transmissions for wheel loaders: power from 100 hp to 390 hp, input torque from 50 kGm to 490 kGm
  • drive axles for wheel loaders: torque from 3150 Nm to 3700 Nm
  • transmissions for crawler dozers: power from 70 hp to 600 hp, input torque from 40 kGm to 430 kGm
  • steering drives for crawler dozers: gear ratios from 3.12 to 7.45
  • final drives for crawler dozers: gear ratios from 5.66 to 28.10

Products are manufactured according to customer documentation and requirements.

Spur gears, bevel gears

Manufacturing capabilities

Bevel gears with straight and spiral teeth

  • teeth cutting, carburizing and lapping

Straight and helical teeth gears

  • heat treatment, hobbing and teeth grinding
  • hobbing, shaving, carburizing and quenching
  • hobbing, carburizing and quenching, teeth grinding
  • finished hobbing, carburizing and quenching

Ring gears with internal and external teeth manufactured in following options

  • teeth shaping, carburizing and press quenching
  • internal teeth shaping and finished external teeth hobbing, nitriding
  • finished internal teeth shaping, induction hardening
  • internal teeth broaching, carburizing and quenching

Shafts and discs

Manufacturing capabilities

  • teeth and spline hobbing
  • spline grinding
  • long hole drilling
  • drilling with multiple-spindle drilling machines
  • clutch separator plates milling, grinding and lapping

Machines and production equipment, specifications

  • CNC lathes: max diameter – 200 mm, max length – 1500 mm
  • hobbing machines for flat and involute splines: max diameter – 150 mm, max length – 1000 mm
  • spline grinding machines: max diameter – 200 mm, max length – 1000 mm
  • NAGEL long hole drilling machine: max diameter – 14 mm, max length – 2000 mm
  • SPEEDFAM clutch plate lapping machine: max diameter – 210 mm