Over 40 years of experience in manufacturing of gears and driving units.

Since the first production day in ZZN, people are the most important driving force. It is thanks to their competence and skills, passions and creativity ZZN continuously offers competitive products and solutions ensuring successful partnerships and increased value for all.

Our employees know that creating value for customers is the basis of ZZN existence and development. ZZN respects employees and their customs, personality values, rights and benefits and focuses on permanent development of employees.

We always insist on long-term coexistence, faithful cooperation, mutual trust, and common development with stakeholders including customers and suppliers.

We are part of a global company Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co. Ltd. one of the world leaders in the production of construction equipment,
We are a trusted supplier of powertrain and gears of wide range applications in all areas of the industry,
We constantly cooperate with customers from wide world.
We support the personal and professional development of  employees at all levels of their career.
We are going to create our own Research & Development Department, where created and skilled engineers are very welcome.

Join ZZN team, we are waiting for you.

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