The ZZN has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing powertrain components.
Its production facilities and highly qualified staff guarantee the world’s top quality  products.
Numerically controlled machines, machining centers, electron beam vacuum welding center and modern heat treatment equipment enable the manufacture of high quality products such as:

  • transmissions for crawler tractors
  • transmissions for wheel loaders
  • powertrain components for combine harvesters
  • toothed assemblies and parts for agricultural tractors
  • toothed parts for automotive and railway industries
  • single- and two-speed steering drives
  • final drives
  • axles
  • Gleason type spiral bevel gear
  • gears and toothed parts
  • splined shafts
  • clutch discs
  • housing for powertrain components

The ZZN Transmission Plant is currently one of the worldwide leaders in powertrain  components used in construction equipment and intends to be the substantial supplier of powertrain components for the automotive and railway industry, agricultural machinery, energy and power industry, and for the national defense needs.

The Quality Management System of the Company has been approved by Lloyd`s Register Quality Assurance as conformable to ISO 9001 International Standards.



The manufacturing tradition of gear and powertrain components in the ZZN at LiuGong Dressta Machinery  dates back to the 70’s of the last century. The company was originally formed by Huta Stalowa Wola in order to supply high quality products employed in the construction equipment manufactured in Stalowa Wola, Poland.

Developing its technologies and production capacity, the plant eventually became a  significant supplier of gears and toothed units for the leading construction, railway and  agriculture equipment manufacturers worldwide and in Poland. By the mid 90’s, the plant was Poland’s leading manufacturer of driveline components.

Since its formation, the ZZN has been focused on producing high  quality geared components. After 40 years of refining and perfecting all driveline  components, the Plant continuously offers world-class production quality, skilled and  experienced personnel, along with vast know-how and large  technological capabilities – all major factors which have  helped the company thrive.

Now, the ZZN  is one of the organizational units of LiuGong Dressta Machinery Co.Ltd.