ZZN is a world-class provider of driveline and gear components to global OEM’s. ZZN has 40 years of experience providing customers with innovated solutions to all their needs.


The ZZN  has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing powertrain components. Its production facilities and highly qualified staff guarantee the world’s top quality products.
Numerically controlled machines, machining centers, electron beam vacuum welding center and modern heat treatment equipment enable the manufacture of high quality products

The ZZN is currently one of the worldwide leaders in powertrain components used in construction equipment and intends to be the substantial supplier of powertrain components for the automotive and railway industry, agricultural machinery, energy and power industry, and for the national defense needs.

The Quality Management System of the Company has been approved by Lloyd`s Register Quality Assurance as conformable to ISO 9001 International Standards


ZZN has a more than 40 years of experience in drivelines and gearing production processes. It’s helps us to provide only the best solutions.


Spur gears

Spur gears, bevel gears

Our state of the art facilities and advanced machinery allows us to offer comprehensive solutions for drivelines. [more … ]

Shafts and discs

Shafts and discs

ZZN experts in manufacturing and materials offer the best solutions for gears and toothed elements. [more …]

Powertrain components

Powertrain components

We manufacture everything inside ZZN facilities to ensure premium quality. [more…]


ZZN not only provides your components but uses its years of experience to provide effective professional technological services and engineering support.


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ZZN engineers focus on finding the best solutions for gearing and driveline problems for its customers.



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Sales Team:

Regina Olichwier
Director of Global Sales & Marketing
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Mirosław Dudzic
Sales Specialist– Polish market
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Krzysztof Więckowicz
Product Engineer
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Agnieszka Krzysiak
Export Specialist
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Marzena Markut
Sales Specialist
tel.: +48 15 813 57 01
e-mail: marzena.markut@dressta.com

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